Oh, The Terrible Joy!

Life is beautiful and terrifying at once.  Babies are born, all freshly scented with hope.  But just as true as the miracle of life is the reality of death.  Things are born and things die.  Babies, flowers, friendships and dreams.  Life and death come together, mingled in a terribly lovely potion of joy and sorrow.  

A friend of mine had a baby this past year.  This is what I sent her little one, to welcome her into this beautiful mess we call Life.

Welcome to living, Little One. 
Blessings as you enter into humanity with all of your goodness, Little One.   
This life is bursting with complexity and spilling over with contradictions that press in on us from all sides.   
Love and hate.
Anger and forgiveness.
Beauty and pain.   
All of these are true and even you, precious Little One, will know them all. 
Oh the joy, the terrible, terrible joy of living!  The dizzying, breathless reality that we must take it all together, the good and bad and create a masterpiece of truth. 
So welcome, Little One. 
May your life be filled with peace and when it is not, may loving hands surround your bursting heart to hold it together.  And may you have eyes to see that their blood stained hands will take traces of your heart with them to smudge healing on all they touch.  
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