To Share or Not To Share.?..that is the question.

After many years of being a complete technological novice I have had quite a big year.  I joined Facebook [with a reasonable few months of sheer obsession], signed up for a Twitter account, became an official member of YouTube [although I still can't figure out how to get my videos up there...sad, I know] and now this blog.  Friends along the way have asked and prompted me to start blogging.  I have hesitated for so many reasons.  To name a few ::

1.  I have never been convinced that anyone besides my besties, husband and maybe occasionally my mom would want to read a blog about my life [and even this list of people, I fear, would get quickly bored].  It just feels a bit presumptuous.

2.  I wonder if my thoughts, once written down in black and white, would alarm people or at the very least, annoy them.  While I definitely believe my thoughts are valuable, I also am suspicious they are very opinionated.  Even when just talking from my heart, I can tend to say things strongly and precisely in a way that may polarize. 

3.  I have a propensity towards sensitivity and if some one didn't like my blog my soul would be wounded [this also applies to my cooking, my outfit choices, my great love of So You Think You Can Dance, talking to me too early in the morning or looking at me when I'm in a bad mood].  I'm just plain sensitive sometimes.

However, those reasons being stated [and they again, are just a few], I have benefited greatly [in the last few weeks in particular], from several blogs discussing a myriad of topics.  Everything from organic, local cooking blogs to controversial community development theory blogs.  Parenting, decorating, feminism, travel, adoption, natural child birth, learning-things-the-hard-way blogs.  I have [sadly] had quite a bit of time on my hands in the past month and so in order to push away boredom and [gulp] loneliness and my brain turning to mush from too much diaper changing, kid refereeing and day-time-tv-watching, I have explored the world of blogging.   It has been at times cathartic, at times frustrating but mostly has given me food for thought.  

In my past life [2 years ago], I was a pastor.  Listening, leading and sharing in people's lives on a regular basis.  So in the absence of that particular profession [for now], I have enjoyed "sharing" in the every-day, ordinary [and also EXTRA-ordianary] lives of people [most of whom I've never met] on the world wide web.  Thank you Al Gore for inventing such a magnificent thing.

So, here's to putting my thoughts out there [If you're drinking a glass of Cupcake Petite Shirah than raise your glass and clink, even if it's to clink against your kid's sippy cup].  Here's to taking a leap of faith, trusting that not everyone will hate my thoughts and maybe even some will benefit.  Here's to talking about real life issues, real heart issues, likes, dislikes, ponderings, wonderings, dreams and ideas.  I'm still not convinced that it's worth doing but perhaps I will be pleasantly surprised.


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August 17, 2010 at 11:20 AM ×

I am among the first half dozen followers of your blog. I hope this will help me stay connected to your life and your heart. I love that you're starting one. It's been a bit addicting for me. :) Love you.

BTW: I LOVE your background. Super you. Super chic. The purple and blue walls I WANT in my house!!

Selamat April dapat PERTAMAX...! Silahkan antri di pom terdekat heheheh...
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